Potassium Iodide Strips

For children:

Iodine deficiency remains a worldwide public health problem in 47 countries and around 38% of the world's population live in areas with iodine deficiency. Despite continued efforts of social organizations such as WHO and UNICEF, recent statistics reveal that approximately one billion people worldwide are still afflicted. The use of iodized salt is the most widely used strategy to control iodine deficiency but it is estimated that 31% of school aged children do not have access to iodized salt.

For expectant mothers:

Recent articles on expectant mothers claim this could also be beneficial. See links below …

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BioFilm’s oral dissolving strips are an alternative to tablets and capsules and small enough for infants to swallow easily - (strip measures 21mm x 25mm). The strips contain 65.5mcg of potassium iodide and are classified as a Dietary Supplement in Europe.

The strips are packed in multiples of 24 strips in a polypropylene dispenser and then into point of sale packaging with patient information leaflet. This product is available for partner companies to apply their own brand and is offered as a fully finished product.